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Tuesday 19th April 2022

Duck tales

Some cute ducklings have been delighting our family members at Milward House, Tunbridge Wells

In the run-up to Easter Milward House received a special delivery – a clutch of five duck eggs. The eggs came from Incredible Eggs, an ethical provider, in a package that included a special incubator as well as a brooding cage equipped with a feeder, drinker and heater.

The incubator was set up in the home’s hobby room, located just off the main lounge, and within a couple of days the first cracks appeared, to much excitement. By Wednesday, four out of the five eggs had hatched, with the final egg hatching on Maundy Thursday.

For our family members at Milward House, the cute little ducklings have been a source of great joy, with plenty of opportunities to get hands-on. “We take them out into the main lounge every morning for family members to handle,” says Susan, the Activities & Community Engagement (ACE) Facilitator at Milward House. “It’s a big event and everyone can’t wait for their turn. They love seeing how they grow and change day by day. They are a big talking point.”

Pilgrims Friend Milward House Ducklings cropped

After lunch time, the ducklings are taken out again for a swimming session. For those family members who are not mobile, staff members take the ducklings on special visits to their rooms.

At this time of year, the ducklings have been a lovely reminder of the new life found in Jesus as well as the power of God in creation more generally.

“As one family member commented, it’s all God’s creation,” says Susan.

And it's not just the family members who have been enjoying the eggs – our staff have been smitten too! Watch the videos below and you'll find out why. Peep, peep!

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