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Letter to Jeremy Hunt from Shottermill House, Haslemere

Thursday 20th October 2022

Letter to Jeremy Hunt from Shottermill House, Haslemere

The new Chancellor Exchequer Jeremy Hunt is MP for South West Surrey where our home Shottermill House is located. We have written the following letter to him including their prayers and highlighting social care needs

Dear Mr Hunt,

In late 2019 you visited our care home, Shottermill House, Haslemere. Shottermill House is run by the Christian charity Pilgrims’ Friend Society and the people living here want to assure you that they, as your constituents, are praying for you as take on the role of the Chancellor of the Exchequer. Here are some of their prayers:

“That Jeremy would be wise in all his decisions and that he would pray deeply before he makes decisions that affect so many people.” Peter, 92

“That Jeremy would consider the energy prices for all the elderly and the way ahead would unfold before him.” Derek, 79

“That Jeremy would seek God in every decision that he has to take and that he would be full of wisdom.” Hazel, 81

“That the Lord be with him in the planning of his work as the Chancellor of the Exchequer and that his decisions help those who are struggling the most and not just those with wealth.” Martin, 84

“I would like to thank Jeremy for his intervention as Chancellor. He has been an answer to prayer. I pray that he would keep going and persevere in his vision for the country.” Norman, 87

We are committed to creating places where older people can live fulfilled lives and we have welcomed pledges by the Conservative party to reform our social care system so that every older person who needs care can receive it.

We call on you now to honour these commitments.

Looking after older, frailer people well is going to be one of the defining challenges for all governments over the next decade or so given the swelling numbers. There are now over 5.4 million people aged over 75 – and staff shortages across the social care sector (165,000 vacancies according to a recent report by Skills for Care). Investment is urgently needed, or many older people will suffer. Rumours that budgets for adult social care may be cut or fail to grow in line with needs are deeply worrying and are self-defeating as costs just mount in other parts of the health system.

We would love you to come and visit us at Shottermill House again, and to meet some of those living with us who are praying for you and to carry on the conversation about what needs to happen to ensure we honour the older members of society who have given so much.

With all good wishes,

Stephen Hammersley, Chief Executive of Pilgrims’ Friend Society

Mike Beere, Business Manager at Shottermill House, Haslemere

Mike Beere, Babi Dixon (Registered Care Manager) and family member Norman spoke to BBC Radio Surrey about this letter. Listen again here.

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