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NEW EDITION: Brain and Soul Boosting

Pilgrims Friend Brain And Soul Boosting updated cover

Our updated and refreshed small-group resource is designed to deliver cognitive and spiritual stimulation for older people, including those with dementia.

Devised by Louise Morse, cognitive behavioural therapist and author, speaker and writer with Pilgrims’ Friend Society, and Janet Jacob, psychogeriatric nurse and former care home manager, Brain and Soul Boosting is a series of sessions which support older people to build relationships and retain healthy cognition.

Themes include everything from celebrations to gardens, birds and holidays. Each session follows a carefully planned sequence that works well, leading participants into discussions and ending with a story from the Bible that illustrates the theme.

Louise says:

“The best way to use this resource is to prepare well and be relaxed and waiting in the room for your group to arrive. Stick to the sequence of each session and try to meet in the same place each time.”

Brain & Soul Boosting for Seniors

"We would thoroughly recommend Brain and Soul Boosting and encourage other churches to set up a group and be a blessing- and be blessed!"

Sally and Jo, Group leaders in Northampton

"I use the ideas in this workbook to encourage participation in some of the services that I lead - no longer is it just me talking to the residents in the home."

A devotions leader in Peterborough


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