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Dementia Information Pack

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Our updated Dementia Information Pack contains a series of leaflets on different aspects of dementia, including diagnosis, caring and managing challenging behaviour, and caring for the caregiver.

Author Louise Morse says:

"When dementia comes into your life you need all the information you can get – but you don’t have time to read a book about it. This pack provides swift information on a broad range of aspects of dementia, including the essential Christian element. Secular advice springs from the understanding that we are simply the sum of our parts, but within a Christian context we see that we are eternal spirit beings in human bodies."

We interviewed Louise about the Dementia Information Pack for the Spring 2021 issue of The Pilgrims' Magazine. You can read the interview here.

"Your user-friendly pack has made me feel at peace and confident that I will be able to cope either with getting dementia myself, or having to care for someone else with it."

"I particularly like the way you put the note for the person with dementia at the front rather than at the back of the pack, as it can so easily happen that the person is often lost in the problem."

Louise Morse, writer and speaker for Pilgrims' Friend Society, led a seminar on supporting dementia caregivers for CRE TV. Watch it here:


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