Brain & Soul Boosting for Seniors

Cognitive, social and spiritual stimulation are highly effective for older people, and are even said to help prevent dementia.  The Brain &

Soul Boosting Sessions for Seniors have proved very successful in trials in a range of settings.  They are particularly popular in churches.  

Brain and Soul Boosting is ideal material for use with a small group of people amongst whom you want to encourage conversation and fellowship.  The workbook includes instructions on how to run a session and session outlines that take a theme around which conversation can develop. 

A biblical underpinning for each session also means that they can be used as a devotional aid for the group and some of the ideas will be helpful for a more interactive form of worship service.

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What People say about this Workbook

'We would thoroughly recommend BSBS and encourage other churches to set up a group and be a blessing- and be blessed!' - Sally and Jo, Group leaders in Northampton

 'I use the ideas in this workbook to encourage participation in some of the services that I lead - no longer is it just me talking to the residents in the home' - A devotions leader in Peterborough