How your legs grow your brain and juggling keeps it sharp

It’s a top-to-toe thing. Using your legs makes your hippocampus grow, and hand-to-hand juggling keeps it sharp and strengthens coordination. The hippocampus is an important part of the brain, responsible for ‘executive function’, that is, keeping plates spinning in the present, and turning short term memories into long ones. Read more

As social care fails, the NHS steps in with emergency response teams

To keep older people out of hospital, next winter will see the roll-out of seven NHS Rapid Response Units in different parts of the country; teams of skilled professionals who will treat people in their own homes within two hours of the emergency call. Read more

One Pastor built a vibrant church with seniors; another asked them to worship elsewhere

Building a vibrant church with older people is possible, says Kark Vater from Cornerstone Christian Fellowship. Read more

Older caregivers save the government £23 bn a year but pay with their own health

Family caregivers over 80 years of age are saving the government £23 billion a year. They are the army of unpaid carers looking after family members, providing 23 billion hours of unpaid care a year. Read more

Children’s school achievements almost doubled in a project involving older people

In these days when experts talk about the importance of bringing the generations together, Downshall primary school in Essex has shown how it’s done, resulting in extraordinary benefits for both the children and the older people involved. Read more

There is no ageism in the Ancient of Days

A recent survey found that employees over 50 are scared to admit it for fear their age will count against them, and two in five believe their age will bar them from promotion or pay rises. But there's no ageism in the Ancient of Days. Read more

Unadorned clay pots: the best gift for the lonely at Christmas

Louise Morse, Media and External Relations Manager at Pilgrims' Friend Society, shares why being together can be the greatest gift at Christmas. Read more

Why Christian care makes a difference

Sylvia Clovey, Marketing and Communications Manager at Pilgrims' Friend Society, shares why Christian care makes a difference in later life. Read more

Pilgrim Gardens – where God puts the lonely in families

Mandy Smith, manager at Pilgrim Gardens, shares about family life at the retired living community in Leicester. Read more

Community living at Strathclyde House

Ann Goodwin, Chaplain at Strathclyde House, introduces us to the latest addition to the Pilgrims' Friend Society family. Read more