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Newly bereaved wife is ‘helped so much’ by ‘Coping with Grief and Loss’ booklet

Monday 12th October 2020

Newly bereaved wife is ‘helped so much’ by ‘Coping with Grief and Loss’ booklet

Louise Morse

Coping with Grief and Loss

Pilgrims’ Friend Society recently published a new booklet I’ve written about coping with grief and loss. When we publish a new book there are always some complimentary copies so I asked through social media those who would like a copy to send me their postal address.

A wife whose husband of 30-plus years died some months ago said it has helped her ‘so much’, as it is practical, and the Scriptures are like solid stepping stones she can be sure of.

Jenny wrote, ‘Thank you for sending me your booklet, it has helped me so much. I love that it is practical, there are no “inspirational quotes” that sound good but have no substance and that like saccharine may be sweet but hard to swallow! Scripture is like a solid stepping stone that I can be confident and sure in.

The Points to Ponder at the end of each chapter make it easy to review the main points and remind me what I can do.

It's not an overwhelming size, but a booklet that I can pick up and reread or go to a certain chapter as I need that reassurance that my grief is normal, my physical feelings are normal for this time and the knowledge that God is with me. It also helps to know that time will help but it's in my time and it's okay.’

‘Coping with Grief and Loss’ is a response to the tsunami of grief and loss that has swept the world during 2020. I saw a need to encourage Christians to process through bereavement within the context of our faith, and so the booklet was born. It costs just £3.00 and you can buy your copy here.