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Friday 2nd September 2022

Thanks, Coach!

For the Autumn edition of our magazine, we met bowls enthusiast Steve, who lives at Carey Gardens. Here, Tegan, 16 pays tribute to his coaching skills

“I first met Steve in 2018 when I started to play lawn bowls. I cannot say how much his encouragement has helped me get where I am today. Early on, Steve saw my potential and took time, out of his own free time, to help with my progression.

“Not only does Steve train me, he chooses to go to my matches, competitions and tournaments, including ones outside Leicestershire. From the very beginning, he has been there, getting me out of bad habits and so much more. He not only has a professional manner, he also makes the learning process enjoyable, for example, by saying that I was not allowed to put my hands in my pockets or he would sew them up.

“After every game, he waits by the end of the rink to give me a run-down, a motivational chat and, most importantly, a hug. This compassion makes all the difference and gives me the fight and determination to keep being ambitious with my goals.

“Steve, you have got me to where I am and I am proud to have you as my friend, coach, mentor and bowls grandad!”
– Tegan, 16

Read our interview with Steve.

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