We have the compassion and expertise to care for people living with dementia

A diagnosis of dementia brings its own particular challenges. Our approach, care and environment are sensitive and professional, allowing people living with dementia and their families the space and support they need.  All of our homes are registered with the Care Quality Commission for the provision of dementia care.

You gave me back the right mother-daughter relationship that we had lost.

Every home has staff and volunteers with a specialised understanding of people who are living with dementia.  We aim to have at least one dedicated area for residents who are living with dementia that will be safe, reassuring and relaxing. This will be a place where people are free to take part in the activities of daily life and where family members will feel comfortable.  How we manage this will vary from home to home.

We will provide visitors and family members with information and support that helps sustain and strengthen relationships through the challenges that a diagnosis of dementia can bring. We will share our experience and our insights with you and your family, particularly our confidence that the person, loved by God, is still present with their future guaranteed by the deposit of God’s Holy Spirit.

To see where we are located click here.   As living with dementia is different for every person it is essential that you contact any home that you are interested in to  to talk about your specific needs.