Caring for people with dementia

A diagnosis of dementia brings its own particular challenges. Our approach, care and environment are sensitive and professional, allowing people living with dementia and their families the space and support they need. All of our homes are registered with the Care Quality Commission for the provision of dementia care.

The Way We Care

Every home has staff and volunteers with a specialised understanding of people who are living with dementia. Families of the people we care for and supporters of our homes successfully use different approaches at different stages of the disease but it all comes down to one thing - when caring for people living with a dementia, we must know the person and see them first not the disease.  

By studying their life histories, what people like or dislike, what really makes them into the whole person, staff can then appreciate the best way to support and enable each individual person.

We aim to have at least one dedicated area for residents who are living with dementia that will be safe, reassuring and relaxing. This will be a place where people are free to take part in the activities of daily life and where family members will feel comfortable.  How we manage this will vary from home to home.

We will provide visitors and family members with information and support that helps sustain and strengthen relationships through the challenges that a diagnosis of dementia can bring.

Faith and dementia

At Pilgrims' Friend Society, we know that all people are loved by God and can be in relationship with Him, no matter their physical or mental situation. We believe that all our residents with dementia can still be inspired by the word of God and, with support, to seek His face, hear His word and pray to Him. Staff in our homes will actively use what they know about the resident to understand how that person is able to connect to their faith now and if that has changed due to that person’s ability or disability. This knowledge will then be used, and approaches will be adapted to allow individuals to connect to God in their way not ours, so they are able to still enjoy actively seeking our Father’s personal companionship.

We will share our experience and our insights with you and your family, particularly our confidence that the person, loved by God, is still present and that their future with the Lord is guaranteed.

Our Hummingbirds

The 'Hummingbird' is someone who works in our homes with their main purpose to make short personal connections with everyone that is living in the home. They are employed to have fun and promote happiness, to support people to still be able to connect to their Christian faith and lifetime skills in an intelligent informed way, focusing on the person’s unique way to connect to the person not the disease.

For those not living with dementia the approach is still the same as people living with a dementia.  We always aim to put God’s Love first, because those who know the Father and have known him for most of their lives have been nurtured by this and they must have this to be whole in spirit, added to feeling that they are still needed and valued for who they are and what they can do - adding to the tapestry of life.

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