Brain & Soul Boosting for Seniors


A workbook designed to deliver cognitive and spiritual stimulation for older people, including those with early stage dementia, in a social setting that is fun and engaging. Read more

Dementia: Pathways to Hope


Packed with helpful examples, practical advice and accessible medical information, this book reveals hope behind the thickets of misunderstanding and misinformation around dementia. Read more

Frank and Linda's Story


Based on a true story, a powerful depiction of a new approach to caregiving, focusing on three important aspects of dementia care - living, helping, and spiritual support. Read more

Could it Be Dementia?


This book insists that losing your mind doesn't mean losing your soul. It offers information and reassurance by giving practical and spiritual insights, putting dementia firmly into a Christian context. Read more

Worshipping with Dementia


For people with dementia, simplicity is paramount. Simple daily devotions for use by caregivers, dementia sufferers, families, church groups, and medical professionals. Read more

Dementia Information Pack


A pack containing 20 separate leaflets on different aspects of dementia, including diagnosis, caring, managing challenging behaviour, caring for the caregiver, help from churches and much more..... Read more

When Evangelicals Care


A brief history of The Pilgrims' Friend Society (formerly the Aged Pilgrims' Friend Society) and the role of evangelical Christians in its formative years and through the centuries. Read more

Caring for an Elderly Parent


A booklet sharing some practical, emotional and spiritual insights based on professional expertise and personal experience. Read more

What Matters in the End


Written primarily within a Christian context, a brief look at the practical, spiritual and psychological issues around end of life care. Read more

Living out God's Purpose in our senior years


This booklet contrasts God's and the secular view of old age, looks at the definition of 'usefulness' and what helps or hinders us from developing usefulness in old age. Read more

Six Key Steps to Making a Dementia Friendly Church


Some useful tips, advice and guidance for Churches wishing to make their churches more dementia friendly. Read more

Visiting People with Dementia


A booklet giving advice on how to prepare well for visiting someone with dementia, and the best things to do and say when visiting. Read more