Dementia From The Inside


Dementia is complex. As a doctor, a Christian, and a person living dementia, Jennifer is uniquely equipped to bring hope to people living with dementia and their families. Read more

Visiting A Person With Dementia


AVAILABLE TO DOWNLOAD This booklet provides advice on how to prepare well to visit someone with dementia and the best things to do and say when visiting. Read more

Worshipping With Dementia


For people with dementia, simplicity is paramount. These simple daily devotions are designed for use by caregivers, dementia sufferers, families, church groups, and medical professionals. Read more

Dementia Information Pack


AVAILABLE TO DOWNLOAD A series of leaflets on different aspects of dementia, including diagnosis, caring, managing challenging behaviour, caring for the caregiver,and much more.... Read more

Six Key Steps to Making a Dementia Friendly Church


AVAILABLE TO DOWNLOAD This booklet provides useful tips, advice and guidance in the form of six steps for churches wishing to become more welcoming for those with dementia Read more

Dementia: Pathways To Hope


Packed with helpful examples, medical guidance and practical advice, this book dispels misinformation around dementia. Read more

Caring for an Elderly Parent


AVAILABLE TO DOWNLOAD A booklet sharing valuable advice on how to care for the emotional, practical and spiritual needs of a parent based on professional expertise and personal experience. Read more

Dementia: Frank And Linda's Story


Based on a true story, this powerful depiction of a new approach to caregiving, focuses on three important aspects of dementia care - living, helping, and spiritual support. Read more

Could It Be Dementia?


This book insists that losing your mind doesn't mean losing your soul. It offers information, practical advice and reassurance by putting dementia firmly into a Christian context. Read more

Dementia tactile rug - garden


A tactile rug designed to support those living with dementia. Read more

Dementia tactile rug - washing day


A tactile rug designed to support those living with dementia Read more

Serving One Another In Love


AVAILABLE TO DOWNLOAD A church checklist for people living with dementia - for those being cared for at home, in care homes or those living with dementia and still in our churches. Read more